About F.O.R.C.E., International

In the recent past, fragmented, uncoordinated, over-simplified and often grossly misleading "short" courses were all that were available to the dentist interested in the addition of orthodontic services into his/her practice.

It is ludicrous (and dangerous) to think that a dentist can prepare to practice orthodontics at the same level of excellence, as the other aspects of his/her dental practice, via some "simple, quick-fix" process. The process of dental education has evolved into a full-time, four year experience with the trend now in the direction of an additional one-year general practice residency. Orthodontic specialty programs are generally two or three years of full-time study.

F.O.R.C.E. is the first and only extended continuing education program patterned after a graduate school education and presented by qualified, credentialed specialists with clinical and university educational experience.

F.O.R.C.E. programs:

  • Provide you with an education that goes way beyond "training". You will understand orthodontics, and you will be able to think, rather than act, first
  • Teach you to use protocols and procedures clearly supported by clinical and basic science data, so that within the limits of biological certainty, responses to treatment will be predictable
  • Present the state of the art and science of orthodontics, as it is taught in today's university programs and practiced by today's specialists
  • Guide you to a comfort and confidence level supported by knowledge rather than opinion, as you select and choose to treat the kinds of orthodontic problems which should be treated by the non-specialist
  • Offer optional extended support programs (Study Groups, Online Programs), and consultation services, built upon the educational foundation provided in the Comprehensive Orthodontic course
  • Offer the participant the opportunity to earn while learning
  • Help you to intelligently and happily refer those cases which require the experience and skills of the orthodontic specialist